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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Mount Baldy got powder dumped and the skiers turned out in force this past weekend. My friend Chris turned 40 and invited 20 of us up to join him at an affordable hostel cabin: approximately 20 bunks on the women's side and 20 bunks on the men's side. Couple's often bunk together on either side. Tip: the women's side is one floor above the living room fireplace so warmer. 

My friend Dave aka DAK took the gorgeous outdoor photos. He is a pro photographer as you can tell. Check out his amazingly beautiful unique photos. He is an artist with the camera. 

We all stayed together at the huge log cabin Harwood Inn, which is only open for Saturday night stays. If you are a Sierra club member you pay $12 and if you are not a member you pay $15. It is a lovely cabin next to the Zen center and across the street from Snow Crest Lodge (bar and restaurant), which sell many tummy warming dishes including my two favorites: hot rum toddys (coffee added on request - Bunn coffeemakers) and steaming hot fresh cheese or chicken tamales covered in homemade red sauce. ($4.00). Fantastic!

There is a great kitchen at Harwood Inn. It is totally organized and labeled for pots, lids, openers, utensils, etcetera! It has a cabinet near the huge gas stove that is filled with spices and oils for anyone to use. The pantry has three refrigerators!  With so many of us coming, Chris organized who brought what, and hence, there was lots of great food. The party began by the fireplace with four couches and many chairs encircling the fireplace with a nice big round wood coffee table. It was chilly, so I stayed in my warm ski clothes! I was soon warmed by the fire and the companionship of many. 

The munchies hit us all. Some folks brought hummus dip, guacamole dip, and spinach/cheese dip with crackers, breads and vegetables for appetizers. Red and white wine, beer, and bubbly water were brought by others to share. There were a few other couples there on their own that became a part of our festivities. It was a warm interesting mingling of people.

Satiated by the appetizers some of us realized many of us would have gone to bed happy. Picking up the cuisine baton some decided the gluttony must not yet end and made a huge spaghetti dinner with fresh salad and garlic bread (meatballs on the side so the vegetarians were set as well). We all moved into the kitchen to line up and serve ourselves, and we settled together in the spacious dining room by the wood burning stove. It was fantastic and even warmer. 

After dinner, we moved back into the woodsy living room. For dessert Dave brought out a chocolate cake, sprinkled with coconut to simulate the snow theme, and then we sang the infamous 'happy birthday' song to Chris. 

That night eight of us headed to Snow Crest Lodge across the street. They have a huge fireplace that really warms the place nicely, a friendly bartender, juke box music, darts, and a pool table. We played some games and chatted up some locals. A hot scotch toddy is great after a cold walk through the snow at midnight I have to say.

Mt. Baldy ski tickets are typically $54, but this year early in the season they offered season passes for $50! Now they have gone up to $200, but the season pass is something to keep in mind and a tip for next year's possibilities. If you have a season pass and a reservation you breeze past long ticket lines, which can typically take an hour or more to wait through on a big dump day especially if you are there for a discount offer. This past weekend there were two major offers. 

1) if you make a reservation in advance (which costs nothing to do) there was a half price ticket offer. The reservations were full by Thursday prior, so plan ahead. 

2) On Friday 98.7 radio station announced that if you bring in four Guru energy drink cans you can come for FREE on Sunday! We got some at Ralph's grocery store.



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