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Friday, November 6, 2009


If you go to New York and order a regular coffee, then you will get a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. That is the way that most people there drink it. If you order a regular coffee elsewhere in the U.S. then you will get a black cup of caffeinated coffee, and if you want room for cream then you have to request it.

A regular in the western states means a caffeinated cup of coffee. "Regular or decaf?" is what the waitress asks and in some places, "Leaded or unleaded?".

One theory is that people from the northeast/east states tend to favor coffee with cream and sugar more than the people from the northwest/west coast. Also, on the east coast if you ask for only sugar they will likely put in the sugar for you and it may be a lot more than you wanted. On the west coast it is typical to put the sugar in yourself.

In Canada, they like to order double-doubles for their coffee. A double-double consists of double cream and double sugar.

In Cottswold, England a regular cup of coffee is instant coffee, hot water, and milk.

In Turkey, a regular cup of coffee is turkish coffee. On a bus though it is Nescafe instant coffee inclusive with dried milk and sugar, then added hot water.

Espresso is the basis in coffee in really good cafes and restaurants. In those establishments, regulars mean non-espresso cups of coffee as you would have at home. It would mean using a french press or drip coffeemaker.

I own this Progressive Coffee and Tea Press, which is a long way of saying french press. I make coffee and tea in this press. I love it when I'm craving a really strong cup of coffee. If you do not want a strong cup, then you need to use less grounds then you may be use to using in a drip coffeemaker. The flavor is very full in a french press. It's great for steeping loose teas as well.

It's a nice affordable gift as well.



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