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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Abbot Kinney Festival: Farm Fresh To You / Maxwell's Coffee Review

Dear Veg Abby Healthy Recipe Tip of the Day: Organic foods taste great in recipes. See if your community offers an organic delivery of a box of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. I found this great place at the 25th Abbot Kinney Festival and signed up for their delivery service. 

They offer a wide range of packages from small, medium, and large with a choice of fruits and/or veggies/greens/etcetera. They were giving a discount for the first order at the festival to encourage participation. You can sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I thought it was a great idea, so I signed up to give it a try. You can cancel at any time even after one delivery. 

Maxwell's Cafe is a great place for breakfast. Danny above stays on top of the coffeemaker pours and your orders. The Chili Killa's are my favorite. Chili Killa's are nacho chips, eggs, cheese and chilis and they are unique and delicious. They are vegetarian as well. They also serve the standard eggs, sausage, strawberry pancakes, veggy sausage patties, carne asada steak and eggs, spinach nest eggs with hollandaise sauce. Every time we go to Maxwell's there is always a crowd. The atmosphere is very woodsy. The walls are wood paneled and there is an old cupboard behind the counter and old black and white photos. You immediately feel transported to a woodsy mountain cafe is how it feels even though you are still in L.A. Your pacing needs to slow down too because this place is busy so you are waiting for your seat sometimes for a short while and you may be waiting for your order to be taken, but somehow in this calm place you don't mind.

The coffee refills are frequent though I find Farmer's brand coffee to taste like a working man's cup of joe. It tastes fresh at first, then strong like burned flavors, then afterwards it leaves a taste on your tongue all day like a cigarette might. It's all they have so come for the food. It's delicious. Thumbs up from all three eaters in my party.

Street parking is all around the block, but you have to look for it and walk a short bit.


Maxwell's Cafe

13329 Washington Blvd, 
Venice, CA  90066



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