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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Dear Veg Abby Healthy Heart Juice Recipe Tip of the Day:
New Juice Recipe: 
1 Fuji Apple
1/4 Tuscany Melon
1 head of romaine lettuce 
Drink up. Delicious.
Be Heart Healthy! Romaine is loaded with Vitamins K, A, C, and beta-carotene. It helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. 

Chubbys Cruisers sells a variety of bikes and bike accessories. Some are really unique like this BURGER BELL that Greg was drawn to... hmmm... I wonder why? I noticed this booth had the biggest gel bottom cruiser seat for installation that I have ever seen and it was only $55. It was made for a big bottom and it looked comfy. I really don't think gel cruiser seats can ever be too big. This was the finest looking, comfiest feeling seat I've ever seen. All I can say is that it is about time someone made one and someone sold it! Finally a bike seat women can enjoy.

Chubby was in the booth, and she was promoting the bike baby seats that are newly arrived and for sale. She wanted to be sure the word got out on those babies... er, seats. The bike seat for babies to ride in with their mommies is in. Here is Chubby holding one.

Chubby does not look like she will be having any babies any time soon herself though. She isn't particularly chubby either, but she is a good sport to pose for this picture.

We went to the last day of the Los Angeles County Fair today. We stopped for coffee at McDonalds. They had a Bunn-o-matic coffeemaker with a TDO-N-4 Bunn-o-matic dispenser by the looks of it. The coffee was pretty satisfying and much better than the coffee that most restaurants seem to carry. 

I didn't get out to try the new Starbuck's instant coffee taste test this weekend. My sister-in-law Sara did though. She says it tastes really good! She heard the instant coffee is approximately $2.99 for 3 cups, which is a real deal compared to what you pay for Starbuck's coffee in house. She said it tastes really similar to the brewed coffee at Starbucks! Her verdict on the taste test: She couldn't tell the difference herself! Let me know if you took it, and what your verdict was as well.

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