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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free Whole Foods Recycle Bags / Two Chicks Baby's Badass Burgers / Coffee Chat

Dear Veg Abby Healthy Tip of the Day:  Ride your bike soon! The historical 25th annual Abbot Kinney Festival offered free safe valet bicycle parking to encourage the locals to ride their bikes. Whole Foods pitched in as well and sweetened the deal further. They offered to give the first 500 bike riders a free whole foods recycle bag at their booth if you present them with your bicycle valet parking ticket. Needless to say we got two shopping bags. 

Unfortunately, the people taking the bikes at the valet weren't informed and didn't spread the news to those checking their bikes. Greg read it on the net or we never would have known. It was a really special treat to get just for riding your bike!

I got in line at the HOT pink van called Two Hot Chicks, "Baby's Badass Burgers". They twitter so you can find the mobile restaurant. Greg looked around, but came back to the line as I figured he would for his favorite food aka burger.  He got two slider size burgers (they come in 2s) and sweet pie fries. He thought the food was pretty good. They were out of Veggy burgers, so I was out of luck. It was a long line but worth it. The sweet pie fries were yummy.

Intelligentsia cafe is located on Abbot Kinney. I highly recommend you go and order one cup of coffee then watch in wonder as the rare $10,000 Clover single cup coffeemaker brews up a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Refreshing.

There are six variables to coffee making: choice of coffee bean, the texture of the coffee from the coffee grinder (built in), the amount of coffee used, the amount of water, the brewing time, and the brewing temperature. I really love the Breville Espresso Machines (silver coffeemakers) especially the Breville Cafe Roma for making coffee lattes.



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