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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Pod Coffeemaker Rating

BUNN MCP My Cafe' Single Cup Coffeemaker
Commercial quality for home use.

Rated from Lowest 1 to 5 Highest Stars
Brewing Range 4 stars
First Cup Speed 3 stars
Repeat Speed 5 stars
Convenience 3 stars
Ease of Cleaning 5 stars
Temperature Consistency 4 stars
Size Consistency 2 stars
Noise Level 4 stars
Overall Rating 3.75 stars

This coffeemaker is easy to clean. You do have to check to be sure there is enough water in it to make your cup of coffee. It uses pods you can buy at your local grocery store. It tastes great and comes out nice and hot. You can fill a travel mug by using 2 pods, which is easy enough especially since the second cup comes out so much faster. This model did go through a temporary recall period, but now the glitches appear to be all worked out. This is a very popular and well liked single cup coffeemaker.



  • At December 13, 2009 at 2:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I like the star rating. I've used this pod single cup coffeemaker before and found the coffee delicious. It reminds me of a pro Clover coffeemaker, though to be honest I thought this coffeemaker coffee tasted better than the Clover! It must have been the coffee used?


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