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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy Ottos Restaurant Review / Veg Abby Heart Tip

Crazy Otto's Restaurant

43528 20th St W. (661) 948-6502
1228 W Avenue I (661) 940-9177 (This location in the review and pictures)

Lancaster, CA

I love Crazy Otto's restaurant. It is an icon going back to my childhood days. My memory is a bit fuzzy as I want to say the restaurant was located in a converted train car, but I could be wrong. It was located near the train tracks, and the owner had an innovative way of turning a negative into a positive for the customers. Every time a train would go by the customers located at the bar nearest the greatest disturbance got the chance to spin and see if they would get their meal for free. You can imagine how customers began looking forward to the train coming by instead of dreading it. Those not involved in the contest enjoyed the entire spectacle greatly. A mini choo choo train was installed around the inside of the restaurant that was activated to go around the top of the room and was a part of the shenanigans. It was great fun. 

Now the train is just a part of the logo in the newly located establishments harkening back to those beginnings. Hailey in the picture below is my favorite waitress at my favorite Avenue I restaurant location. The service is friendly and fast.

The food portions are LARGE as you can see in the photo below. I got the Hobo Scramble, which is eggs (egg white substitute available), hash browns, onions, bell pepper and mushrooms combined. I think the mushrooms might be canned and that would be my only criticism though the taste doesn't seem to suffer. It is delicious. The portion was so large however that I ate 1/5 of the meal and had 4 more breakfasts at home with it! The breakfasts range from about $5 to $10. Smaller portions are available, but for an extra buck or two it seems worth getting the larger portion to eat later.

Another happy customer. I've had the eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce on english muffins with hashbrown as well and found it alarmingly yummy. I split that breakfast with a companion, and we ate it all. Mmmm. My friends often get an omelette and recommend those as well. Count on leftovers unless you split your meal.

The coffee is Farmer brothers, which frankly is my least favorite, so I wish they would get some better coffee beans to roast up. They use commercial coffeemakers similar to Bunn-o-matic automatic coffee brewers. The brewers are excellent, but coffee choice is an equal partner if not greater influence in a great cup of joe. They do sell espressos and lattes using Rosito Bisani specialty coffee. Thumbs up.

Dear Veg Abby Healthy Heart Tip of the Day:
There is a new product offered called Cholest-off. It advertises that the cholesterol comes off as one uses it. The main ingredient seems to be plant sterols, which I like the sound of myself. I began taking it as high cholesterol runs in my family, and I have to say I think it helps. Two pills twice a day is the dosage. Ideally, a diet low in fats will be the most beneficial cure (vegan or raw), but it doesn't hurt to have a healthy side kick to help the healing process.

A minimum of 20 minutes of aerobic activity several times a week is also very helpful in lowering stress and cholesterol. Yoga is a great way to maintain flexibility and avoid injuries as well, especially as one gets older. I have a several dogs and I especially notice how they stretch first thing every time they rise from a resting position. I've adopted this same practice and find it very enjoyable as well as a pleasant gentle way to welcome the day in the morning. I'd recommend one stretch in bed before one even rises especially if it is cold as it is in my home.

Combine yoga and healthy eating habits along with your juicing and feel years younger. Veg Abby vegetarian, vegan, raw recipes and juicing recipes lead the way to healthy living.



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