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Tuesday, September 1, 2009



BUNN My Cafe Pourover Pod (MCP) and Bunn My Cafe Automatic (MCA) were recalled due to a possible burn hazard.

Over 35,500 units have been voluntarily recalled by Bunn-o-matic Corporation. The pod drawer in some models opens unexpectedly. Imagine your surprise? During the brew cycle the drawer opening could splash some hot water and  pose a potential burn threat to those nearby. Not fun.

Some people did call Bunn-o-matic Corporation to complain and of course Consumer Protection Services. Reportedly 10 people filed complaints. There was 1 person who reported minor burns as well. Bunn immediately took action to remedy the situation by sending out the drawer recall and sending TWO replacements out. Why two?  I guess they don't want to waste consumer time in case one of the drawers doesn't work properly.

Bunn-o-matic will send replacement drawers out to those with the machine simply call them to request the drawers at 800-741-3405. 

Have you been injured? Report here.

Interested in buying your own Bunn Single Pod Brewer
It would be with the NEW properly working drawer of course!