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Monday, July 20, 2009

"If you want to improve your understanding, drink coffee." Sydney Smith, 1771-1845


I took a trip to Turkey this summer. It was fantastic! I highly recommend a trip to Turkey. Istanbul was gorgeous with views of the blue sparkling Bospherous Sea. The people are very westernized and many speak English very well. They have a very good bus and rail and ferry system for getting around. The people are warm, friendly, and helpful. The only tip regarding attire for women would be to leave the string top shirts and mini-skirts and short shorts at home. To fit in culturally it is wise to keep your shoulders covered. A simple t-shirt with short sleeves will do the trick. I would recommend wearing pants, capri pants or shorts or skirts that go to the mid-thigh or longer. Istanbul must sees are the Dolma Bocci Palace, Top Kapi Palace, Haggia Sophia Christian Mosque Church and the neighboring Basilica Cistern with Medusa heads in the base of two columns.

The people of turkey enjoy turkish tea in lovely curved shaped glasses and small shots of turkish coffee. For breakfast common items are various cheeses, olives, homemade bread, nutella, and fresh fruit. Turkish coffee is yummy. Here is how you can make your own cup.

Turkish coffee is 1 tspn of finely ground coffee (powder sugar texture), 1 tspn of sugar, & 1 shot glass size of water dumped into a little copper pot. Stir on High heat, 3 minutes till it begins to boil and rise up and almost over the edge.

Enjoy. Look for a future post on how to READ YOUR TURKISH COFFEE FORTUNE!


I love telling my fortune from the grounds after drinking turkish coffee. U find the images the grounds leave & use your imagination.
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"Cup" size in the coffeemaker business is about 5-6 ounces, yet most Americans enjoy a coffee cup size of 8-10 ounces. If you're a Texan make that 12-15 ounces. Keep this in mind when buying a "12 cup" coffee machine. Figure out how big your favorite coffee cup is and do your own math. No surprises that way.
The 6 factors that contribute to the taste of brewed coffee: 3 factors YOU control are choice of bean, grind, & amount of coffee, 3 factors your machine controls are brewing time, temperature, and amount of water.