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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I wanted to get this out early to let you know TODAY is the 25th Annual Abbot Kinney Street Fair Festival in Venice 10am - 6pm showcasing over 100 eclectic businesses on Abbot Kinney! It is loads of fun. I hope you make it there. I am going. 

Dear Veg Abby Healthy Tip of the Day:
You know you should go the gym, but you probably won't. Take a walk today or do something fun like the Abbot Kinney Street Festival where you will do quite a bit of walking and see lots of interesting things.

I packed up a thermos of delicious organic Venice blend coffee, reflective of the variety of culture in the Venice beach area, that I got from the local Groundwork Coffee Company. Fantastic place to get fresh, great coffee beans.

I ride my bike to the Santa Monica beach, and what should I see above? octopus, fish, jellyfish, rainbow fish, and more over head. Massive sea creature kites spotted just off the pier supporting the International Roots and Shoots Peace Day event in reference to the peace the ocean much needs as well.

Scientists cannot agree on whether or not global warming is real, but they can all agree our oceans are in danger as islands of polluted plastic trash colonize together over an expanse of miles in the ocean.

Scientists also agree the acidity level of the ocean is rising and will continue to rise. The acidity level rising denigrates coral reefs and creatures with hard shells like crabs, lobsters, clams, sea anemones, shrimp, plankton and more. The danger to the coral and creatures is that the acid eats away at their outer shells eroding away their protection, and their existence eventually becoming extinct. When those sea animals are lost then the rippling effects go out to the other creatures that count on those creatures for food in the food chain. Use your imagination. This is a devastating problem that is not receiving enough media attention. Spread the word. Roots and Shoots would like you to build a giant peace dove if you like.



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