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Saturday, September 26, 2009


I attended International support of Roots and Shoots Peace Day in Santa Monica on the pier on September 20th. Greg and Renee volunteered themselves all day doing sign ups at booths and handing out free food to the public. Those goody two shoes... gotta love 'em. There was activities, face painting, games, and more. There were many booths manned with volunteers standing for Peace.

Greg spotted 007 Pearce Brosnan at the event. He is apparently a big supporter each year helping with backstage stuff like getting bands and of course generously appearing on stage with mic to say a few words in support as well. What a humanitarian. Apparently, he has helped for many years now. Marilou Henner from "Taxi" the television series was also in attendance and lending her support.

Mayor Villaraigosa was also in attendance and giving a shout out to support peace. Inspired by the Peace Day perhaps two days later he announced a crackdown on one of the most notoriously violent street gangs known as the "Avenues" in conjunction with federal authorities. 45 gang members were arrested already. He must have needed a big cup of coffee that Monday morning! This is news!

More on the Peace Day tomorrow!



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