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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starbucks Barista & Seattle's Best Coffee Blade Grinders Recall

A recall has been issued on the blade grinders from 
Starbucks Barista and Seattle's Best Coffee. The blade 
can unpredictably turn on. Perhaps ghosts 
from the China manufacturer have come to America 
to haunt the grinder blades? Perhaps not. The 
grinder will sometimes fail to turn on when switched on 
as well. It looks like the on/off switch is faulty either way. 
Over half a million grinders are being recalled. Tsann 
Kuen Enterprise Company Limited is the manufacturer, 
who must be crying in Zhangzhou, China, though not reportedly.

There have been 176 complaints to the U.S. Consumer 
Protection and Safety Commission. THREE people reported 
they were cleaning the machine when it turned on and CUT 
them. Very gangsta' this grinder. Spooky. It was recalled due 
to the high risk for laceration.

To report an injury or incident call CPSC at: 
(800) 638-2772.
To get a replacement grinder call Starbucks toll free at: 
(866) 276-2950

If you are looking for a grinder. I recommend this Breville Grinder 
made for home use.



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