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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Compare Pod Coffeemakers

Compare Pod Coffeemakers

Breville Pod Brewer compared to the Bunn Pod Brewer:
Taste 4 Stars 4 Stars
Easy to Use 4 Stars 4 Stars;
Noise Level 4 Stars 4 Stars
Variety of Pod Brews 5 Stars 3 Stars
Consistent Temp. 4 Stars 4 Stars
Speed of First Cup 3 Stars 4 Stars
Speed for Next Cup 4 Stars 5 Stars

Final analysis: Both machines are fantastic. I like that Breville has more pod coffee choices, though I like that the first cup and second cup speed on the Bunn is faster. It really just depends on which element is more important to you personally in deciding. They look quite different as well. Bunn My Cafe Pourover would take up less counter space, but the Breville is a gorgeous looking machine. Both can be seen by going to

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